Thank You!

July 16, 2020

The ArtCraft Show patrons, friends and family are great and helped make the first-ever Online ArtCraft Show a success!

Stay tuned for more about another online show in September and the December Studio Show!

Last Weekend for the first-ever Online ArtCraft Show!

July 11, 2020

This is the last weekend to view work by ArtCraft Studio Artists and our guest artists as part of our Online Show.

This website is a little difficult to use on your phone but the laptop browser view provides a menu of participating artists, click on any of their names to open their page with has links to their online retail portals and images of their work. That menu is to the left of this post.

Thank you for adapting with us and for making the show a success!

Final Weekend for the Online show!

July 8, 2020

There is still time to see some of the great art the artists have to offer!

The menu on the left (or the drop down menu on mobile) has a list of the pages for participating artists. Each page has images of their work and links to where they sell their work online.

Deirdre Daw Fundraiser

July 6, 2020

Deirdre Daw is a founding artist of both the 6th Floor Artist Co-Op in the ArtCraft Building, back in 1987, and the ArtCraft Show. She was instrumental in creating a neighborhood and community of artists and artists’ studios in the Downtown Corridor. She now needs our help.

Fundraiser for Deirdre Daw’s Memory Care

The Backstory
Our dear friend and amazing artist, Deirdre Daw, has been recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, atypical Parkinson’s and another rare disease called corticobasal syndrome that affects not only memory loss but also causes problems with movement, and speech. Sadly there is no cure for Deirdre’s devastating condition and her welfare will be dependent on expert attentive and supportive care giving at a skilled nursing facility for the rest of her life.

Deirdre is a recipient of  the distinguished NEA Artist Fellowship grant and numerous Ohio Arts Council Artist Fellowship awards among other prestigious achievements and she has devoted her life to sharing her incredible artistic talents through teaching. Her functional ceramics continue to bring such delight to the people who own and use them and the power of her stunning and intricately carved sculptural work is truly exemplary.

Loved and admired by so many as the incredibly sweet, loving, and super talented artist that she is, Deirdre is now facing urgent financial hurdles in order to pay the admittance fees for acceptance into the quality, skilled memory care facility that she needs. She is currently on a waiting list for 1of  2 openings at an assisted living center in Kansas City, MO where her mother also resides, however she needs additional funds in order to be admitted.  Her doctors have agreed that she needs to be transferred to a memory care center as soon as possible for her safety and well being.

The Costs
The assisted living center has a $6500/month fee and requires a minimum of 1-2 years of self-pay that Deirdre currently does not have with her limited assets, even with the sale of her home. This campaign is to support the urgent need for funds that are essential to immediately secure her place in the specialized memory care unit at the assisted living center as well as to pay for the ongoing skilled care expenses, and the associated costs for her medical, legal and other bills that continue to mount.

How You Can Help
Deirdre is not only a loving and devoted mother to her daughter Lily, but both she and her work have brightened the lives of so many, including friends, family, colleagues, art patrons and acquaintances. Now she is in desperate need of our assistance at this challenging juncture of her life. Deirdre’s bubbly and exuberant personality, sincerity and unfaltering devotion to her family and friends would be a testament alone to the amazing person she is, but with the added consideration of her incredible awe-inspiring artistic talent exemplified in her beautifully-intricate ceramic sculptures and other works of art, she is in a category beyond compare.

Your financial contribution, no matter how big or small to help fund Deirdre’s critical monetary needs for acceptance into quality, continuous memory care would be hugely appreciated! This unprecedented time of Covid-19 is challenging for everyone, so please realize that no donation is too small.  Deirdre has a birthday later this month (July 21) and your donation would be the greatest birthday gift ever!

To help get the word out, please share this campaign link with your friends and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) If you have questions or other ideas on how you’ like to help Deirdre, please feel free to contact me directly. I’ll be posting updates on our efforts during this campaign, so please stay tuned.

There is an ongoing concern about how to secure Deirdre’s artistic legacy. Family and friends are rallying together to figure out the best way to get Deirdre’s amazing, deserving artwork into art museum collections. If you have ideas or connections to help in that regard, we would love to hear from you!

July’s Online Show: List of participating Artists

July 2, 2020

Here is the list of participating artists, you can find their pages in the menu on the left.

2020 Online ArtCraft Show

Participating Artists:

Mixed Media

  1. Nina Vivian Huryn
  2. Retro Revival, Mandy & Mark Spisak
  3. Jacques P. Jackson
  4. Gail Taber
  5. Allie Freeman
  6. Annie Becker
  7. Marsha Carrington (N)

Clothing & Accessories

  1. Jeff Balazs
  2. Julie Friedman

Hand-crafted confectioneries & soap

  1. Images in Bloom (soap and painted silk)
  2. Linda Barberic, SomaTeas
  3. Sweet Bean Candies


  1. Aaron Swank(N)
  2. Mark Yasenchack
  3. Claire Raack
  4. Kristin Newell
  5. Diane Bjel


  1. Natalie Rich
  2. Michelle Pajak-Reynolds
  3. Qandle Qadir
  4. Laurie Reyman
  5. Red-I Jewelry, Susan Scaparotti


  1. Baila Litton
  2. Celeste Stauber(N)
  3. Bonnie Dolin
  4. Alan Mintz
  5. Katina Pastis Radwaski
  6. Rita Schuenemann
  7. Wally Kaplan
  8. Janet Luken
  9. Eileen Dorsey
  10. Karin Marleen Dijkstra
  11. Randy Maxin

Paper Arts

  1. Rick Roscoe & Randy Maxin: Handmade Greetings

ArtCraft Studios Debut Online Show!

July 2, 2020

The first online show by the ArtCraft Artists will start here on July 3rd!

Use the Menu of artists to the left of this post to connect with artists via their websites, etsy shops or Instagram profiles.

Coming Soon: First-ever ArtCraft Online Show!

June 24, 2020

Coming Soon: First-ever ArtCraft Studios Online Show!

Stay tuned here and our Facebook page for more details.

2019 ArtCraft Studio Show, THIS WEEKEND!

December 4, 2019

The 32nd Annual ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale!

2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114-4252
Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 10am to 7pm.
Sunday, December 8, 2019, from 11am to 5pm.
Visit our website for a complete list of participating artists
and images of their work:
Facebook: ArtCraft Studio Show
Instagram: @ArtCraftShowArtCraftBldgBackSocMed

Gloria Plevin Book signing Saturday Dec 7, 1-4pm

December 4, 2019
Long time ArtCraft studio artist, Gloria Plevin, will be hosting a book signing of her new career encompassing book, Art & Essays, from 1 – 4pm on Saturday Dec 7th during the ArtCraft Show.
The 32nd Annual ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale!
2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114-4252
Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 10am to 7pm.
Sunday, December 8, 2019, from 11am to 5pm.
Visit our website for a complete list of participating artists
and images of their work:
Facebook: ArtCraft Studio Show
Instagram: @ArtCraftShow
Gloria Plevin: Art & Essays – Amazon listing description:
The scope and beauty of Gloria Plevin’s work are revealed in this gorgeous catalog that springs from a major retrospective at ARTneo: The Museum of Northeast Ohio Art. The book’s 106 color reproductions highlight the best paintings, pastels, prints and drawings from the artist’s five-decade career. A prominent painter of Northeast Ohio and Chautauqua County, Plevin’s still lifes, portraits, botanicals, and Chautauqua landscapes grow from her desire to show us the places, people, pets, and things she loves. According to Butler Institute of American Art curator Robert L. Kurtz, “Plevin creates an art of astounding beauty, an art whose power forces the viewer to look anew at what are often ordinary objects.” Inspired by Mary Cassatt, Pierre Bonnard, and Fairfield Porter, Gloria Plevin is one of the small group of American artists who rejected 20th century trends toward abstract and conceptual art, choosing instead to advance art’s power to capture and celebrate the life around us. The artist’s short essays offer insight into her process for creating specific works along with reflections on art, nature, family, and country life. This splendid catalog is an essential resource for anyone interested in Gloria Plevin’s art as well as a wonderful treat for art-lovers, artists, and aspiring artists alike. Includes introductions by William Busta and ARTneo curator Christopher Richards, photos of the artist in her studio, and a detailed chronology of Plevin’s career.Plevinartandessays

32nd Annual ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale

November 21, 2019
ArtCraft19FrontFINAL (1)
2019 ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale!

2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114-4252

Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 10am to 7pm.
Sunday, December 8, 2019, from 11am to 5pm.

The 32nd annual ArtCraft Open Studio and Sale, the largest collection of fine art & craft by regional studio artists. Featuring over 30 Downtown studio artists and 30 regional artists working in fine arts and crafts across diverse media.

The ArtCraft Building, 2530 (West) & 2570(East) Superior Avenue, Cleveland 44114
Studios on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th floors on the 2570 (East) Side and 4th floor on the 2530 (West) Side.

Free Parking available. Elevator access.
The ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale began in 1981 as ‘The Bohemian Department
Store’ an event hosted by artists in the Tower Press Building. This grew into
the ‘Eat at Art’s’ exhibit at SPACES has always been held on the first
weekend in December. It has been hosted by artists in the ArtCraft Building
for the past 32 years.

CONTACT: for more information.

Visit our website for a complete list of participating artists
and images of their work:
Facebook: ArtCraft Studio Show
Instagram: @ArtCraftShow