32nd Annual ArtCraft Show: Dec 7 & 8, 2019

August 23, 2019

2019 Save the date image 1

32nd Annual ArtCraft Show: Dec 7 & 8, 2019

Save the date for this year’s event!

More information and wonderful pics to come!


ArtCraft Artists with Etsy and website Storefronts

January 17, 2019
Artists with Etsy storefronts:
Tesori dal Lago by Natalie Rich
ninna nanna: Jake Hochendoner & Lisa Yanofsky
ninna nanna: Jake Hochendoner & Lisa Yanofsky
Cynthia Kaufman-Rose
SomaTea on Etsy
Laurie Reydman: el-red jewelry
Domenic Fiorello Studio
Etsy Shop page: domenicfiorello (one word)
Zenia Lis Jewelry
Jennifer Cabic
Esty Shop page: Silverpeanut.etsy.com
Mark Yasenchack
Artists with online stores:
Steve & Barb Bloom
Sweet Bean
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Happy 2019 to our friends!

January 1, 2019

The artists of the ArtCraft Show are thankful for our incredible supporters and wish everyone a beautiful 2019!

perry scholars mural 2019

2018 ArtCraft eblast!

November 11, 2018

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2018 ac Eblast

2018 ArtCraft Postcard is on its way!

November 11, 2018

2018 ac Postcard Front final

2018 ArtCraft Show participating Artists!

November 11, 2018
2018 ArtCraft Show Participating Artists:
2570 First Floor
Cleveland Print Room
John Carlson with Marjorie Falk
2570 Second Floor
Jim Baron Studio with Jason Miller, Louise Miller & Natalie Rich
Skeleton Stewdios
Sundry House
2570 Fifth Floor
Fount (Saturday only)
2530 Fourth Floor
Rita Schuenemann
Wally Kaplan
Paulette Archer
2570 6th Floor
Mixed Media
Nina Vivian Huryn
Nancy Luken
Lisa Yanofsky & Jake Hochendone
Cheric Dolls, Charlie and Eric Fields
Mandy & Mark Spisak
Shawny Walthaw
Eileen Dorsey
Ron Copeland (N)
Jacques P. Jackson (N)
Clothing & Accessories
FOUNT Leather (Saturday Only)
Peggy Wertheim
Jeff Balazs
Annadele Alpacas
Michael Wilson
Steve Sgambellone (N)
Ron Shelton (N)
Hand-crafted confectioneries, candles perfume & soap
Images in Bloom (soap and painted silk)
Blistering Pig Farms
Linda Barberic, SomaTeas (N)
Sweet Bean Candies
Angelica Pozo
Mark Yasenchack
Ikuko Mikowski
Jared Gepperth
Kristen Newell
Claire Raack
Shelley Giangaspero (N)
Louise Miller
Deborah Woolfork
Grace Chin
Patti Fields
Zenia Lis
Grace Stokes
Jennifer Cabic
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds
Catherine Davies Paetz
Qandle Qadir
Laurie Reyman
Kris Halter (N) (In Polis Woodworking)
Marjorie Falk (In John Carlson’s Studio)
Natalie Rich (N) (In Jim Baron’s Studio)
Earl James & Linda Zmina
Agape Glass: Diane Juratovac
Susan Shoby
Michael Mikula
Janet Luken
Randy Maxin
Bonnie Dolin
Gloria Plevin
Alan Mintz
Katina Pastis Radwaski
John Carlson
Christine Ries
Rita Schuenemann
Wally Kaplan
Paulette Archer
Wood & Furniture
Domenic Fiorello
Sworks, Marcus Schafer(N)
Bryan Overbaugh, Polis Woodworking (N)
Paper Arts
Rick Roscoe
Jason Miller
Jim Baron
Michael Finizia

Save the Date for ArtCraft Show 2018!

July 18, 2018

ArtCraft Show 2018:   Saturday December 1st and Sunday December 2nd!AC Show StD

This weekend @ 78th Street Studios

July 18, 2018

composit of Ramparts for CAN

6th Floor Artists @ CAN Triennial Pavilion

July 18, 2018

Exhibiting in Booth #8 at the CAN Triennial Gallery Pavilion (on the first floor, half a flight above ground level):

The ArtCraft Collective, feature 6th Floor Studio Artists:

Janet Luken, Randy Maxin, Ikuko Miklowski, Katina Pastis Radwanski , Christine Ries, and Mark Yasenchack

Friday, July 20,  5-9pm & Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22, 12 noon to 6pm
This collection of six artists who share the 6th Floor Studio in the ArtCraft Building are presenting their work as part of the

CAN Triennial Gallery Pavilion, July 14th through July 22.


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@artcraftshow  on Instagram
@artcraftstudiosalecle  on Facebook

CANT Pavilion

ArtCraft Show 2018-Save The Date

June 29, 2018

The date for this year’s show is Dec 1 & 2, 2018.

More to come!

artcraft bldg