February 24, 2017

1114162008bA huge THANK YOU to our wonderful and enthusiastic patrons, who value hand-crafted artwork!

Another huge THANK YOU to all of the talented participating artists!



2016 ArtCraft Artist Roster!

November 8, 2016


2016 Participating Artists:  Their individual pages and information will be up here in a week!

(N)denotes an artist new to the show

Mixed Media

  1. Nina Vivian Huryn

  2. Nancy Luken

  3. Nick Bresler

  4. Lisa Yanofsky & Jake Hochendoner

  5. Cheric Dolls

  6. Rich Cihlar (N)

  7. Matt Kokoski (N)

  8. Retro Revival: Mandy & Mark Spisak (N)

  9. Mark Brabant

Clothing & Accessories

  1. Fount Leather Works (5th Floor) (N)

  2. Peggy Wertheim

  3. Kate Disch

  4. Annadele Alpacas

  5. Michael Wilson

  6. Barb Stupp, knitted wares

Hand-crafted confectioneries, candles, perfume & soap

  1. Better Bit of Butter Cookies

  2. Images in Bloom (Soaps & Silks)

  3. Blistering Pig Farms

  4. Sweet Bean Candies

  5. Fire Spice Company, Douglas Katz (N)

  6. Brimfield Bakery (N)

  7. Bello Botanicals (Ashley Gooding)

  8. Lit Up Candles (N)

  9. Jessie’s Boutique (N)

  10. Cleveland Field Kitchen
  11. Salt & Honey Bakery


  1. Mark Yasenchack

  2. Ikuko Miklowski

  3. Gary Divoky

  4. Susan Gallagher

  5. Jared Gepperth (N)

  6. Jamie Ausperk (N)


  1. Earl James & Linda Zmina

  2. Graham Fox

  3. Drew Hocevar

  4. Agape Glass, Diane Juratovac

  5. Robert Coby

  6. Sharon Martyn, Pane in the Glass (N)


  1. Janet Luken

  2. Randy Maxin

  3. Bonnie Dolin

  4. Rita Schuenemann

  5. George Kocar

  6. Wally Kaplan

  7. Alan Mintz

  8. Irwin Weinberger (N)

  9. John Carlson (N) Floor 1


  1. Deborah Woolfork

  2. Grace Chin

  3. Patti Fields

  4. Brandon Holschul

  5. MaryAnn Posche & John Gulyas

  6. Catherine Davies Paetz

  7. Grace Stokes

  8. Jennifer Cabic

  9. Laurie Reydman

  10. Zenia Lis

  11. Jessie Hill Greene

Wood & Furniture

  1. Domenic Fiorello

  2. Jeff Balazs

  3. Jason & Brit Prather (N)

Paper Arts

  1. Rick Roscoe

  2. Bill Mahon

  3. Becky Crane


  1. Jason Miller, Floor 2

  2. Jim Baron , Floor 2

  3. Christina Sadowski (N)

  4. Michelangelo Photography

  5. Cleveland Print Room Members Show, Floor 1

Metal Werks

  1. Michael Ensminger

Charitable Representation:

Friends of the Cleveland Kennel (6th Floor)

College Now Benefit with Cleveland Field Kitchen and Sugar and Honey Bakery in Fount on the 5th Floor

2016 ArtCraft Postcard!

October 31, 2016


We have two designs this year to feature more artist images!  Thanks JAK Prints!

Here is the first postcard.

Dates and Times for the 2016 ArtCraft Show!

August 4, 2016

artcraft-2016-bannerThis year’s show will be on Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 11am to 7pm

and Sunday, December 4, 2016 11-5pm.


Our roster of artists will be announced in early October.

Like us on Facebook, here

May Pop-Up Studio Show

May 13, 2016

May ArtCraft 2016 Front

ArtCraft May Pop Up Show!
Saturday, May 14, 2016
11AM to 6PM
Free parking in behind the ArtCraft Building

Also check out the Terra Vista Open Studios on E.30th!

2570 Superior Avenue
6th Floor
Participating Artists:

Mixed Media
Nina Vivian Huryn
Nancy Luken
Abbey Blake
Annie Becker and Rhona Moreland

Clothing & accessories
Peggy Wertheim

Hand-crafted confectioneries
Better Bit of Butter Cookies
Barbara & Stephen Bloom, Soaps and silks
Ashley Gooding, BelloBotanicals,cologne & lotions

Mark Yasenchack
Ikuko Mikowski
Gary Divoky

Deborah Woolfork
Catherine Davies Paetz
Laurie Reydman
Prosperity Jewelry (N)
Jessie Greene Hill

Drew Hocevar
Sharon Martyn(N)

Janet Luken
Randy Maxin
Bonnie Dolin
Rita Schuenemann
Wally Kaplan
Marilyn Farrinacci
Irwin Weinberger (N)

Floor 1
Cleveland Print Room with an exhibit of work
by Blessing M. Ngobeni
(Creative Fusion artist from South Africa)

Studio Warming Celebration at ArtCraft

February 3, 2016

ArtCraft Feb Show

Special Studio-Warming in the ArtCraft Building
Saturday February 13th, 2016
2570 Superior Avenue, 6th Floor Studios.
12noon to 6pm.

There are three new artists in the 6th Floor Artists Coop in the ArtCraft Building:
Barbara and Steve Bloom (Images in Bloom soap and dyed silks) and
Irwin Weinberger, a painter and mix-media artist.
The new artists will have their studios open and have a display of their new work.

Joining us will be:
On the 6th Floor:
Jessie Greene-Hill sterling jewelry (from the 2530 side of the building)
Prosperity Jewelry  fused glass jewelry
Mary Farrell of Brite Green will have a collection of several Brite Green artists
Live Music by the Gumby Lopez Trio

On the 5th floor:
Fount Leather

Date: Saturday February 13th, 2016
Location: 2570 Superior Avenue, 6th Floor Studios.
The hours are 12noon to 6pm.
There is ample free parking behind the building.
Handicap access from the Superior entrance.

Thank you & Happiest 2016!

January 5, 2016

frozen branches Illuminate.jpg

A grateful, sincere and heart felt THANK YOU to all of our inspiring and supportive ArtCraft Show patrons and friends. Thank you for making 2015’s show a success for all the participating artists!

2015 ArtCraft Show Postcard

November 15, 2015

ArtCraft 2015 postcard front

Jeff Balazs had designed the postcard for the last 15 years!

This year he will be exhibiting his reclaimed wood beer totes at the show.

2015 ArtCraft Studio Show

November 15, 2015

ArtCraft Open Studio Show

 28th annual ArtCraft Open Studio Show

Saturday, December 5, 2015, from 10am to 7pm.

Sunday, December 6, 2015, from 11am to 5pm.

At The ArtCraft Building, 2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland 44114

Studios on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors.

Free Parking available. Elevator access.

ABOUT The ArtCraft Open Studio & Sale began in 1981 as ‘The Bohemian Department Store’ an event hosted by artists in the Tower Press Building. This grew into the ‘Eat at Art’s’ exhibit at SPACES has always been held on the first weekend in December. It has been hosted by artists in the ArtCraft Building for the past 26 years.

CONTACT: Mark Yasenchack at mark.yasenchack@yahoo.com for more information.

Visit our website for a complete list of participating artists and images of their work:


Facebook: ArtCraft Holiday Show

The ArtCraft Building is located at 2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114,


Participating Artists:

Mixed Media

  1. Nina Vivian Huryn
  2. Nancy Luken
  3. Elaine Thomas
  4. Nick Bresler
  5. Abbey Blake
  6. Melinda Placko & Kurt Hallsman (N)
  7. Lisa Yanofsky & Jake Hochendoner
  8. Annie Becker and Rhona Moreland (N)
  9. Matthew Gallagher

Clothing & accessories

  1. Peggy Wertheim
  2. Kate Disch
  3. Annadele Alpacas
  4. Mary Urbas & Christina Selvey Urbas
  5. Cleveland Recycles, Laura Jackson (N)
  6. Michael Wilson

Hand-crafted confectioneries & soap

  1. Better Bit of Butter Cookies
  2. Barbara Bloom Soaps
  3. Shane McBride, Blistering Pig Farms (N)
  4. Sweet Bean Candies, Kristin & Bob Barnes (N)


  1. Mark Yasenchack
  2. Ikuko Mikowski
  3. Gary Divoky
  4. Todd Leech
  5. Stephanie Craig
  6. Billy Ritter


  1. David & Roberta Williamson
  2. Deborah Woolfork
  3. Michael Romanik
  4. Patti Fields
  5. Brandon Holschul
  6. Cathy Paetz
  7. Grace Stokes
  8. Jennifer Cabic
  9. Laurie Reydman (N)
  10. Zenia Lis (N)


  1. Earl James & Linda Zmina
  2. Graham Fox
  3. Robert Colby
  4. Drew Hocevar


  1. Janet Luken
  2. Randy Maxin
  3. Bonnie Dolin
  4. Gloria Plevin
  5. Rita Schuenemann
  6. Wally Kaplan
  7. Alan Mintz
  8. Collin Thomas

Wood & Furniture

  1. Domenic Fiorello
  2. Becky Crane
  3. Jeff Balazs – Beer Gear/Beverage Totes(N)

Paper Arts

  1. Bill Mahon

Metal Sculpture

  1. Michael Ensminger (N)

Book signing by Sean Martin, A Stitch in Time: The Cleveland Garment Industry


Floor 1

Cleveland Print Room (Saturday Only)

Featured exhibition: Annual Members’ Show

Floor 2

Jim Baron & Jason Miller with Zenia Lis


Floor 3

Michaelangelo’s Photography and guests artists

Floor 4

Society for Photographic Education

Featured exhibition: Sonja Thomsen

2015 ArtCraft Show Dates and Times

August 25, 2015

ArtCraft Show logo pic

2015 ArtCraft Holiday Show:
Saturday, December 5 TIME 10am-7pm
Sunday, December 6, 2015 TIME 11am-5pm