ArtCraft Studio: Celeste Stauber (New)

Celeste Stauber



Instagram: @celeste_stauber

Happy Holidays everyone! I miss seeing your smiling faces in person!

This year I have a variety of small framed originals, a new postcard print and one-of-a-kind hand painted ornaments for sale!

Please email me at or DM me on Instagram about free Cleveland area drop-off/pickup!

Stay Safe!

Artists Statement:”I draw to explore the human form, capturing subtle shadows and patches of light through the medium of charcoal. White, rectangular paper is constricting and mundane. I am better able to draw when I have a texture and a wash of color to react to. Altering the shape of the paper, creating new planes through folds, twists and shadows are all ways I work to reconstruct the idea of what a drawing can be. I love organic figures, the contrast of an irregular paper shape and geometric angles allows me a level of abstraction. Often the exact composition reveals itself in the end.”

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