ArtCraft Studio: Janet Luken

Janet Luken

Creativity won the year!

New paintings focus on sought-after places in which to go but couldn’t due to 2020.

All paintings are original. Want a specific size or color palette? Just request it!

New uniquely created jewelry is designed to go with easy-going-comfort, respect for people and earth’s resources and material sustainability, and for those zoom meetings.  Materials and pricing reflect all of our desires for quality and reasonable prices.

New items will be added daily to my website as I have been busy creating all year.

FB & Instagram:  Janet Luken   

VERY SOON FB:  Canvas the Earth Painting



2 Responses to “ArtCraft Studio: Janet Luken”

  1. Noreen Rotar Says:

    Janet, Very interesting work…looks great.
    Can’t make it this weekend but hope it goes well.

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