July’s Online Show: List of participating Artists

July 2, 2020

Here is the list of participating artists, you can find their pages in the menu on the left.

2020 Online ArtCraft Show

Participating Artists:

Mixed Media

  1. Nina Vivian Huryn
  2. Retro Revival, Mandy & Mark Spisak
  3. Jacques P. Jackson
  4. Gail Taber
  5. Allie Freeman
  6. Annie Becker
  7. Marsha Carrington (N)

Clothing & Accessories

  1. Jeff Balazs
  2. Julie Friedman

Hand-crafted confectioneries & soap

  1. Images in Bloom (soap and painted silk)
  2. Linda Barberic, SomaTeas
  3. Sweet Bean Candies


  1. Aaron Swank(N)
  2. Mark Yasenchack
  3. Claire Raack
  4. Kristin Newell
  5. Diane Bjel


  1. Natalie Rich
  2. Michelle Pajak-Reynolds
  3. Qandle Qadir
  4. Laurie Reyman
  5. Red-I Jewelry, Susan Scaparotti


  1. Baila Litton
  2. Celeste Stauber(N)
  3. Bonnie Dolin
  4. Alan Mintz
  5. Katina Pastis Radwaski
  6. Rita Schuenemann
  7. Wally Kaplan
  8. Janet Luken
  9. Eileen Dorsey
  10. Karin Marleen Dijkstra
  11. Randy Maxin

Paper Arts

  1. Rick Roscoe & Randy Maxin: Handmade Greetings

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