2017 ArtCraft Show roster of artists & studios

November 6, 2017

Participating Artists:Mixed Media

Nina Vivian Huryn

Nancy Luken

ninna nanna (Lisa Yanofsky & Jake Hochendoner)

Jamie Ausperk(N)

Cheric Dolls, Charlie and Eric Fields

Rich Cihlar

Mandy & Mark Spisak/Retro Home

Shawny Walthaw (N)

Bill Mahon

Clothing & Accessories

Peggy Wertheim

Jeff Balazs

Kate Disch

Annadele Alpacas

Michael Wilson

Barb Stupp, knitted wares

Hand-crafted confectioneries, candles and soap

Better Bit of Butter Cookies

Images in Bloom (soap and painted silk)

Blistering Pig Farms

Sweet Bean Candies

Fire Spice Company

Brimfield Bakery


Mark Yasenchack

Ikuko Miklowski

Jared Gepperth

Kristen Newell (N)

Claire Raack

Angelica Pozo


Catherine Butler

Zenia Lis (in Jim Baron’s Studio on 2nd Floor)

Deborah Woolfork

Grace Chin

Patti Fields

Brandon Holschul

Grace Stokes

Jennifer Cabic

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds (N)

Catherine Davies Paetz

Josh & Barb Haplea (N)

Qandle Qadir

Posche & Gulyas

entwine (Lisa Yanofsky)


Earl James & Linda Zmina

Agape Glass: Diane Juratovac

Sharon Martyn

Tina Tilling (N)

Robert Coby

Susan Shoby (N)

Scott Goss


Janet Luken

Randy Maxin

Bonnie Dolin

Rita Schuenemann

Wally Kaplan

Paulette Archer

Alan Mintz

Irwin Weinberger

Rachel Latina

Wood & Furniture

Domenic Fiorello

Victor Sergent (N)

Paper Arts

Rick Roscoe

Becky Crane

James Peake (N)


Christina Sadowski

Michael Finizia (N)

Book Signing

Laura DeMarco (N) Saturday Only

2570 First Floor

Cleveland Print Room

John Carlson with Eileen Dorsey (jewelry)

2570 Second Floor

Jim Baron Studio with Jason Miller & Zenia Lis (Jewelry)

2570 Second Floor


Sundry House

2570 Fifth Floor


2530 Fourth Floor

Rita Schuenemann

Wally Kaplan

Paulette Archer


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