2012 New Artists

November 21, 2012

Here is a list of the new artists, those that have not participated in a long while and new studios in the building:
Click on their names at the left to see samples of their work and contact info.
1. Jason Yoder (N)
2. Marjorie Falk (N)
3. Buy By Blackbird(N)

Painting and Glass
4. Graham Fox
5. Marilyn Farinacci
6. Alan Mintz
7. Randy Maxin
8. Cleveland Print Room (New Studio, 1)
Mixed Media
8. Angelica Pozo, mosaics
9. Ann Bort, sculpture (N)
10. Debbie Apple-Presser (New studio, but exhibiting up on 6)
11. RNR Creations, greeting cards (N)
12. Bonnie de Blas, book art (N)
13. Patti Fields’ nephews, rag dolls (N)
14. Humble Pie Baking Company (N)
15. Alex Loos (N)

(N)= first time exhibiting at the ArtCraft Show


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