ArtCraft 6th Floor Co-op Studio History

October 21, 2009


Artists have shared a co-operative studio in the 6th floor of the ArtCraft Building since 1987.

Although artists have changed the Open Studio Sale is now in its 22nd year in this location.

The event began in 1981 as the Bohemian Department Store in their studios in the Tower Press Building. This was a collection of Cleveland Institute of Art students, alumni and teachers. Out of this grew the idea of  Eat at Art’s event for SPACES in 1982. The artists moved the sale as they changed studios, keeping it on the first weekend of December.

Catherine Butler is one of the original artists, participating in the event, in all of its different forms, since 1981.

The ArtCraft Building’s 6th Floor Co-op is currently shared by Barbara Chira, Linda Goldstone, Jennifer Liston Dykema, Diane Bjel, Alan Mintz, Janet Luken and Mark Yasenchack. This is a group of ceramic artists, installation artists, painters and educators. While not a live/work space there is someone in a studio just about 24 hours a day. We value the small community we have formed. Just under 50 artists have called this floor their studio over the last 17 years. Angelica Pozo, George Bowes, Dan Postotnik, Susan Gallagher, Andrea Serafino and Susan Weir started the space in 1987, and while the residents have changed, the space and purpose have remained the same. The 6th Floor Studio is to the Cleveland art community what the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is to Hollywood.

The ArtCraft Building is located at 2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114, The studio number is 216 251-1941.

Ceramic artist, Mark Yasenchack is the group’s coordinator and can be reached at

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